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  • The Best Of Lynn Lemay April 30, 2020

  • Studio: Alpha Blue Archives
    Cast: Actresses: Jeannie Pepper Lynn Lemay
    Genres: Retro, Classic, Vintage, All Sex,Feature,All Sex, Anal, DP,milf, Big Tits,Group

    Gorgeous blonde Lynn Lemay is still active as one of the sexiest adult MILF models out there, but she got her start in her twenties as an enthusiastic cum slut in the eighties. Collected here are over three hours of her best eighties and nineties material both before and after her DDD enhancements including muff shaving, tag teams and more! As a bonus feature, Lusty Lemay pairs up with massive titted lesbians including chocolate skinned Jeannie Pepper in this tribute to her all girl scenes!

    Format: avi
    Duration: 4:10:47
    Video: 640×480, XviD, 1709kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 3.3 GB

  • Girl Power (1996) April 30, 2020

  • Release Year: 1996
    Studio: Visual Images
    Cast: Actresses: Shelbee Myne Phyllisha Anne Jeanna Fine Jessica Jewel Isis Nile Lynn LeMay Tracy Adams Bunny Bleu Angel Bust Becky Sunshine Timber Tammy Monroe
    Genres: Retro, Classic, Vintage, All Sex,Feature,All Sex, Anal, DP,milf, Big Tits,Group

    With no cocks in sight, it’s all Girl Power here, my friends. Get ready for some very delicious lesbians who will make you get off throughout the course of 11 scenes and nearly 4 hours. Watch these gals fuck each other in all their wonderful pussy munching, carpet chowing glory! Where would the world be without lesbians?

    Format: avi
    Duration: 3:38:37
    Video: 640×480, XviD, 1999kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 3.3 GB

  • Sweet Young Girls (1986) – Laura Clair, Sophie Duflot, Celine Gallone April 30, 2020

  • Release Year: 1986
    Cast: Richard Allan, Jane Baker, Guy Berardant, Virginie Caillat, Alban Ceray, Laura Clair, Sophie Duflot, Celine Gallone, Jack Gatteau, Gil Lagardere, Ulrike Maas, Sandrine Pernelle, Julia Perrin, Nadine Roussial, Guy Royer
    Genres: Feature, Classic
    Video language: English

    The simple story involves two girls at a model agency getting up to all sorts of naughtiness, mainly with the photographers but also with other employees. First Celine Gallone is brought to what is supposed to be just a glamour shoot by her mother. The mother is led away and the shoot soon turns into a porn session

    Format: mp4
    Duration: 58:03
    Video: 704×464, AVC (H.264), 1521kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 701.4 MB

  • Black Studies (1992) April 30, 2020

  • Release Year: 1992
    Studio: Gourmet Video
    Cast: Scene 1. Tianna, Sean Michaels Scene 2. Lynn LeMay, Ron Hightower Scene 3. Tianna, Sean Michaels Scene 4. Fallon, Sean Michaels
    Genres: Retro, Classic, Vintage, All Sex,Feature,All Sex, Anal, DP,milf, Big Tits,Group

    Tianna and Sean Michaels – Powerful female business executive, who happens to be a tiny little blonde, consummates a deal with big sepia Sean Michaels.
    Lynn LeMay and Ron Hightower – A sexual bragging contest between big Ron and large breasted Lynn turns into a monumental grudge fuck.
    Ray Victory and Tianna – Tianna in a tour de force as the world’s stupidest cheerleader straps on Ray Victory for a couple of boom-chak-alakas and a locomotive.
    Sean Michaels and Fallon – Fallon in a memorable scene deep throats Sean’s king-sized member and gets a large wet pay-off.

    Total size: 1.1 GB in 4 files.

  • Head First (1993) April 30, 2020

  • Release Year: 1993
    Studio: Legend Video
    Cast: Scene 1. Deborah Wells, Lynn LeMay, Nicole London Scene 2. Deborah Wells, Randy Spears Scene 3. Sierra, Jon Dough Scene 4. Lynn LeMay, Nicole London, Steve Drake Scene 5. Sierra, Randy Spears
    Genres: Retro, Classic, Vintage, All Sex,Feature,All Sex, Anal, DP,milf, Big Tits,Group

    Finally, a story with a wickedly sick sense of humor, and the writer doesn’t even get credit! Head First is wordplay for the profession of "Crash" (Randy Spears), a daredevil who’s laid up (and not getting laid) in bed with a broken leg. All he can do is fantasize about the gals in his wife’s (Lynn LeMay) Tupperware party — and in his dreams, "party" is the operative word!
    Wells, London and LeMay have a confectionary threesome playing "hide the Tootsie-Pop"; then Spears gets a torrid wake-up call from Wells. She gives him head, first, then the thrill-ride of his life, but LeMay catches them— now Crash is about to burn.
    Thinking LeMay has revenged herself by poisoning him, Crash calls up his buddy (Jon Dough) who’s too busy diddling Sierra to respond; he limps out to the living room and is caught in a snare which yanks him head over heels! LeMay’s real revenge (the poison was just a ruse) is forcing him to watch her do London and Drake! For the viewer, this is more reward than punishment.
    Crash may have bumped his head one too many times, ’cause before you know it, he’s cheating again with Sierra, right on top of his wife’s bureau! Fade out as LeMay whales away with a baseball bat… ouch!
    It’s unusual that such "one day wonders" actually follow through with plot, let alone theme and humor. Head First accomplishes all that with five decent sex scenes. Note: the boxcover promotes Deborah Wells in a demure fashion shot; but the real nasty stars are Sierra and LeMay — so tell your customers.

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:15:05
    Video: 720×540, AVC (H.264), 1796kbps
    Audio: 250kbps

    File size: 1.1 GB

  • Group Sex April 30, 2020

  • Release Year: 1970
    Genres: Retro, Classic, Hardcore
    Video language: English

    Sex Orgy classic action, hot teen fucking all holes scene. enjoy!

    Format: mp4
    Duration: 8:04
    Video: 704×528, AVC (H.264), 1340kbps
    Audio: 124kbps

    File size: 86.8 MB

  • Demon Italien (1992) April 30, 2020

  • Release Year: 1992
    Studio: Mario Salieri Ent.
    Cast: Scene 1. Lynn LeMay, Roberto Malone Scene 2. Beatrice Valle Scene 3. Beatrice Valle, Rita Olivski, Eric Weiss, Patrick Le Nain, Philippe Soine, Ron Jeremy Scene 4. Beatrice Valle, Patrick Le Nain, Philippe Soine Scene 5. Tabatha Cash, Rita Olivski, Eric We
    Genres: Retro, Classic, Vintage, All Sex,Feature,All Sex, Anal, DP,milf, Big Tits,Group

    Roberto Malone cheats on his wife (Beatrice Dalle) with busty blonde Lynn LeMay. Left alone at home Beatrice can’t resist caressing her pussy while (in an intercut scene) he takes Lynn reverse cowgirl style with her huge tits bouncing up and down.
    While he makes a phone call, suddenly a shot can be heard. His wife has been shot lifeless by two robbers. Beatrice sinks down in front of her car and we observe her soul (or ghost) departing from her dying body.
    Obviously life after disappear seems to be what most readers of this forum desire: an endless sex orgy. So she finds herself in a medieval scenario.
    Through a window she observes a busty redhead (Cjilla March) surrounded by three horny guys including Ron Jeremy. Suddenly Beatrice feels a hand on her shoulder. It belongs to Philippe Soine who looks like D’Artagnon. She turns round for some kissing and a brief handjob while Cjilla is engaged in sucking cocks.
    Beatrice lies down on a chair and gets her pussy filled by Ron’s huge cock while her mouth works on Philippe’s dick. Next to her Cjilla gets banged doggy, still keeping a cock in her mouth. Both girls change to reverse cowgirl style before Beatrice starts sucking two cocks alternately. Cjilla is fucked on a chair with Ron’s cock feeding her mouth. Loads are sprayed on her neck, tits and her bush.
    The scene switches back to Beatrice as she jerks off the first guy in slow mortion. He shoots stream after stream over her mouth, neck and tits. The second one then gives her a heavy open mouth facial and covers her cheeks and chin with cum. Well done Beatrice!
    But her odyssey is not over. She’s led to another room where Soine and another guy start fondling her. Dressed in sexy lingerie she kneels down for another blowjob. Soine then fills her hole from behind while she concentrates herself completely on sucking the cock in her mouth. Soine doesn’t move a lot while we observe the rhythmic up-and down motions of her ass and her mouth. She then goes down on him, still keeping the cock in her mouth. They do a nice relaxing reverse cowgirl ride before the two guys lay down on the bed. Beatrice now sucks and strokes them gently. The first guy shoots his load across her tongue and hits her upper arm. She gives him some nice post cum licking before she turns towards the other cock and after a few last strokes he covers her tongue and lips with his juice.
    Eric takes the two girls and leads them to a crypt where a coffin opens and sexy Tabatha awakens. Beatrice is shocked and runs away. Eric lays down on a table and gets a long intensive blowjob from Cjilla and Tabatha who are still dressed up. Tabatha intercepts from time to time for some intensive kissing. She looks incredibly hot focusing on her ‘victim’ with his dick in her mouth.
    Outside it’s already dark and we see Philippe licking Judith DeVille’s boobs. She takes off her clothes while, inside, Tabatha takes a ride on Eric. She still has her natural small pre-surgery tits. She then kneels down on the table and is taken doggy style.
    Philippe gets a blowjob before he fucks the girl in the spoons position. They are watched by another naked girl who closes her eyes while she caresses her pussy.
    Meanwhile Tabatha gets her asshole filled by Eric before the two girls turn to some 69 pussy licking on the table. Eric stands just to the side watching them and keeping his dick hard. Back to Philippe – we see him banging his girl cowgirl and doggy. Sexy Tabatha lays naked on the table with her legs widely spread and gets an incredible licking from her girlfriend. Judith now sucks off Philippe resulting in a sticky facial. Even Eric can’t stand it any longer as he shoots his semen across Tabatha’s graceful body.
    The might of darkness is still fighting for Beatrice’s soul but they lose the battle and she awakens in a hospital with Robert sitting beside her bed.
    Although directed by Nicky Ranieri, this looks like a typical early Salieri feature. I always enjoy the colourful atmosphere. The girls look and act great, especially Beatrice and Tabatha. Sex is brief by today’s standards but tastefully directed.

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:11:53
    Video: 512×384, xvid, 1313kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 763.8 MB

  • The Pleasure Chest (1989) April 30, 2020

  • Release Year: 1989
    Studio: CDI
    Cast: Scene 1. Suzy Lee, Ron Jeremy Scene 2. Busty Belle, Ron Jeremy Scene 3. Lynn LeMay, Rocky DeLorenzo Scene 4. Busty Belle, Suzy Lee Scene 5. Lynn LeMay, Michael Knight
    Genres: Retro, Classic, Vintage, All Sex,Feature,All Sex, Anal, DP,milf, Big Tits,Group

    Lynn LeMay is on a revenge mission against the notorious "Mr. Big" (Ron Jeremy). To kill him, she is willing to sleep her way through his rank of bodyguards, but suddenly drops her assassination attempt when she gets a gander at the rod that Mr. Big is packaging. Not exactly The Godfather, folks.
    To say that Jeremy dominates his scenes is the ultimate in understatement. He acts more like one of the Bowery Boys than a mafia don. LeMay does her best to bring some heat to the production, but ultimately it’s a thankless role, and all the scenes without her are quite lifeless.

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:21:40
    Video: 640×480, XviD, 1477kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 966.3 MB

  • Debbie Does Dallas vol.5 (1988) April 30, 2020

  • Release Year: 1988
    Studio: Video Exclusives
    Cast: Scene 1. Fallon, David Sanders Scene 2. Kristy Leigh, Tammy Reynolds Scene 3. Kristy Leigh, Don Fernando Scene 4. Tammy Reynolds, David Sanders Scene 5. Kristy Leigh, David Sanders Scene 6. Lynn LeMay, Don Fernando Scene 7. Kristy Leigh, Ron Jeremy Scene 8
    Genres: Retro, Classic, Vintage, All Sex,Feature,All Sex, Anal, DP,milf, Big Tits,Group

    As a quality-looking video shoot, Debbie Does Dallas V does have its moments.
    Magnificently sculptured Tammy Reynolds as Debbie is faced with the horrifying prospect of the football team moving bag and baggage to New Orleans (I guess the Saints are willing to look the other way). So, she comes up with Plan A with her cheerleaders using their sexual wiles to compromise the team’s board of directors. Nice try. No cigar. Board members Ron Jeremy, Don Fernando and company are onto their scheme which resorts to Plan B – blackmail. Works every time.
    The video has a nice outdoorsy freshness to it with nice skin tones and better than decent sound quality. (Doesn’t that tell you something when you comment positively on factors that should be a given?) Anyway, the whole mood suggested by the plot calls for a springy air of hijinx, horseplay and tantalizing tease. On that front, let’s call it a draw. Reynolds is fresh, aware and into her sex scenes. Her supporting cast often looks like it’s working a bus depot in Tulsa.

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:13:30
    Video: 640×480, XviD, 1975kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 1.1 GB

  • Cheating American Style (1988) April 30, 2020

  • Release Year: 1988
    Studio: Western Visuals
    Cast: Scene 1. Ona Z, David Morris, Nick Frenaire Scene 2. April West, Damien Cashmere Scene 3. Stephanie Rage, Rick Savage Scene 4. Lynn LeMay, Randy Paul Scene 5. Lynn LeMay, Rocky DeLorenzo
    Genres: Retro, Classic, Vintage, All Sex,Feature,All Sex, Anal, DP,milf, Big Tits,Group

    Just minutes before he is about to be married, Ben finds out his fiancee had sex with the best man. Hurt and confused,Ben takes a walk where he runs into Leon, a homeless man with a unique perspective on cheating. According to Leon, cheating is as American as Apple Pie and Uncle Sam. Relating tales of deceit, denials and self-delusion, he convinces Ben to forgive his friend and fiancee and go forward with the wedding.
    Jerry Butler stars as the cuckolded fiancee with Paul Thomas as the homeless man, Jennifer Miles as the bride-to-be and Damain Cashmere as the Best Man. Rick Savage plays the role of the pervy preacher along with special appearances by Ona Zee, Stephanie Rage and Lynn Lemay.

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:18:43
    Video: 480×360, XviD, 1089kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 707.9 MB

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