American Babylon

American Babylon

Release Year: 1985
Cast: Tish Ambrose, Taija Rae, Chelsea Blake, Jenny Bradley, Lonnie Lee, Tiffany Summer, Bobby Astyr, George Payne, Michael Gaunt.
Genres: classic, feature, straight, lesbian
Video language: English

Washing the ground waters of the great flood, God had compassion on his people and gave them a wonderful city. The name of this town was “Babylon.” And God gave his happiness to people, which is the understanding. And they said, all the servants of God in one dialect and everyone knew each speech. But I will hide among the children of God, son of the evil one and told them, “God has given us the word, which is a hammer, to whom he built the world, because it stood at the beginning of all things … So ispolzuemzhe gift from God, that would be like God.” And the people decided to build a tower of Babel to vzayti on it at the sky and be in heaven, as God …. God knew about pride her children and angry … And he mixed the human language so that his brother could no longer understand brother … And he cursed the place of paradise – the city of Babylon and made it a haven of sin and debauchery.
In the Bible, Babylon serves the personification of sin. So in Revelation appears the image of “Whore of Babylon”: “I will show you the judgment of the great whore … Babylon the great, mother of harlots and abominations of the earth ”
To viewing the film takes us back to the idea of ​​non-human intervention in certain sectors of life (such as cloning). He also condemns the aggressive U.S. policy, podavchinyayuschuyu their interests and the interests of the universe as an example for modern arbiters instructive biblical history.

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Duration: 1:19:09
Video: 576×432, DivX 5, 977kbps
Audio: 125kbps

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