Angela In Wonderland (1986) (Carter Stevens, Caballero Home Video)

Angela In Wonderland (1986) (Carter Stevens, Caballero Home Video)

Studio: Caballero

The film opens as Angela (Andrea Sutton) is in bed with a man (Michael Gaunt). While he is enjoying himself, she retreats into a fantasy land of her own. She is walking down a long, fog filled corridor and is drawn to the first door by the sounds of preaching coming from within. Inside, she is cleansed of sin by the strangest preacher ever seen. She cooperates in his strange rites only to be told she is damned anyway! He takes her past another room where a strange doggie is being trained by his owner (Scarlet Fever) – or rather a “Doggie who is teaching his owner a new trick or two.” Down the corridor is a strange dungeon where a mistress shows her willing male slave what it is like to be on the receiving end of a dildo. The next too Angela peeks into is occupied by two women in feathers making love. They quickly get her to join them and all three enjoy themselves. The last stop in Angela’s strange journey is Santa’s workshop, where Santa is giving his magic candy cane to a “good little girl” (Taija Voux). Then it’s back to reality, and an ending that proves that reality is sometimes stranger than fantasy.

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Audio: 124kbps


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