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  • Rosemarie’s Schleckerland August 10, 2018

  • Release Year: 1978
    Cast: Petra Abstein, Sascha Atzenbeck, Johanna Ebertseder …
    Genres: Retro

    When Felix Rammler’s business trip is canceled he decides to spend his time visiting every whorehouse in Munich. Unfortunately for him his wife just happens to be visiting one that is run by her best friend Rosemarie.

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  • Stavros August 10, 2018

  • Release Year: 1999
    Cast: Philippe Dean, Madalina Rey, Monica Roccaforte, Jolie, Suzanne Gabrio, Patricia Golem, Donatella Ferry, Roberto Malone
    Genres: Retro

    Special investigative journalism Mintos Stavros is mysterious and mysterious, rich and powerful. He began in the family of poor emigrants from Sicily. Now he owns his own island in the Pacific at 20 million dollars and more than others :. What helped him to make a fortune? Why such crazy money? These questions are posed to journalists and witnesses to his rise – former friends, companions, women

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    Duration: 1:09:23
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  • Depraved Fantasies vol.2 August 10, 2018

  • Release Year: 1994
    Cast: Bionca, Cody Foster, Damien, Debi Diamond, Melanie Moore, Ron Jeremy, Steven St. Croix
    Genres: Retro

    I don`t think we`re in Wonderland any more. Anal, DP, orgies, interracial, and lesbian action take Alice places she has never been before. Watch and learn!

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    Duration: 1:22:30
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  • Roommates August 10, 2018

  • Release Year: 1982
    Cast: Samantha Fox, Veronica Hart, Kelly Nichols …
    Genres: Retro

    This is a serious attempt to look into the lives of three different woman that come together as roommates in New York. Each of them were attempting to step out of their old, abused selves and start new lives. Although they try to support each other’s goals, their old lives creep back into their work, relationships, and apartment. They meet abusive men just as before. However, this time, each is affected differently. One falls back into her old ways, one finds her dream, and the third manages to keep an even keel, only to end up looking for two new roommates to start over again.

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    Duration: 1:28:58
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  • California Valley Girls August 10, 2018

  • Release Year: 1983
    Cast: Becky Savage , Cindy Shepard , Desiree Lane , Dominique , Eric Edwards , Herschel Savage , John Holmes , Kimberly Carson , Misty Dawn , Paul Thomas , Ron Jeremy , Shaun Michelle
    Genres: Retro

    How boring this life in the suburbs is – work, shopping, parties with friends … Two girls tired of routine decide to earn money. They see that older men are willing to pay big money for sex with young beauties. The girls dedicate 4 girls to their plan, invite John Holmes to give them a lecture on oral sex.
    Their business is spinning at such a speed that apart from sex, they now simply do not have time for anything else!

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    Duration: 1:27:41
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  • Firestorm Vol. 3 August 10, 2018

  • Release Year: 1989
    Cast: Nina Hartley, Sharon Kane, Tish Ambrose, Ali Moore, Eric Edwards, Sharon Mitchell
    Genres: Retro, Classic, All Sex, Vintage
    Video language: English

    World Champion Award Winner Cecil Howard, presents the shattering climax to his universally acclaimed Firestorm saga of power lust and sexual intrigue. Everyone knows the story. Firestorm #03 brings its extravagant beauty and driving passion to a boil! Download and enjoy!

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    Duration: 1:19:08
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  • Passages vol.2 August 10, 2018

  • Release Year: 1991
    Cast: Carolyn Monroe Christy Canyon Heather Hart Jennifer Stewart Actors: Marc Wallice Peter North TT Boy
    Genres: Retro

    Coed Jennifer Stewart’s coming of sexual age continues. She’s still pretty naive when it comes to the birds and the bees. But now that she and her "lover" Marc Wallice have gotten their first, furtive sexual encounter out of the way (a great piece of spontaneous combustion in the first film), they’re methodical and practiced in their approach. Stewart is now diddling around with birth control, and it’s very uncomfortable for her.In a crying jag, she opens herself to roommate Christy Canyon which prompts a wonderful speech about screwing taking a piece of your heart (sounds like something from Janis Joplin) but giving an extra measure of assuredness and self confidence in return. Stewart, however, is still unaware that Canyon, the person she loves, is going behind her back and having an affair with Wallice.It’s almost sickening to hear the patronizing both Wallice and Canyon afford Stewart in this situation. "She’s such a nice girl…" But that’s the intended response for the viewer, and it certainly doesn’t marshal any sympathy behind Canyon’s character, either. So when Wallice, in a surprising move, dumps Canyon (you’re really thinking he’s going to do it to Stewart), you’re basically left with the feeling that Christy has gotten just what she deserved – which kind of leaves me flat for the finale – the cry-on-my-shoulders consolation scene between Stewart and Canyon.That aside, Passages 2 is poignant, touching, and has some memorable character interaction. Both Stewart and Canyon are wonderful and convincing in their respective roles, and for good measure, the sex is evoked with warm, melodramatic efficiency. Both Passages and Passages 2, plus the two upcoming sequels, are wonderful additions to your couples section, and certainly will restore your faith in the quality of adult productions.

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  • Anal Encounters vol. 8 August 9, 2018

  • Release Year: 1992
    Cast: P.J.Sparxx, T.T.Boy
    Genres: Retro

    Wow! If you thought the first seven volumes of "Anal Encounters" were hot, this one will burn a hole right through your TV screen! Witness in disbelief as the gorgeous K.C. Williams and her frisky friends expose their tight behinds and say, "We’re open for suggestions!".

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    Duration: 14:13
    Video: 576×432, XviD, 2007kbps
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  • The Baron von Masoch August 9, 2018

  • Release Year: 1995
    Cast: Maeva, Mike Foster, Richard Lengin, Roberto Malone, Shalimar, Tanya Lariviere, Valentina
    Genres: Retro

    Perhaps inevitable from the makers of the De Sade film (starring porn superstar Rocco Siffredi), this "Barone von Masoch" feature is unfortunately in the modern all-sex format, with no story at all and minimal dialog. That saves money on dubbing, subtitling and other post-production niceties.

    Basically Roberto Malone, the older character "actor" who appears in so many Joe D’Amato films, in the title role leads a group of underlings in standard sex scenes with not-very-pretty girls, with bondage and whipping thrown in. The more interesting material from the baron’s oft-filmed novel is not tapped. The benefits of masochism are not explored; rather the viewer (myself included obviously) is the masochist for subjecting himself to this junk. Shooting location looks like that used for the producer Luca Damiano’s , an evocative castle, but auteur Joe is disinterested in anything but grinding out no-frills, porn this time around.

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  • The Starlets August 9, 2018

  • Release Year: 1977
    Genres: Adult
    Video language: English

    Welcome to the most exclusive club in Hollywood – The Starlets Club. Only the hottest, most sexually insatiable young sluts live and work at “The Club” …and only a select few men can enjoy the limitless pleasures provided by these beautiful actresses who want to screw their way to the top. This unique motion picture – and the lucky male clientele – penetrates deep, hard and long for an intimate look at Hollywood Goddesses and their blushingly uninhibited pursuit of uninhibited sex, passion, fame and fortune

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    Duration: 1:14:44
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