Bad Penny (1978)

Bad Penny (1978)

Cast: Molly Malone, Samantha Fox, Anna St. James, Robin Byrd, Clea Carson, Georgette Saunders, Michael Thorpe, Ben Pierce, Tony Mansfield, Don Peterson, Kurt Mann, David Savage, Roger Cain, R. Bolla, David Morris

Penny Hickey (portrayed by Samantha Fox) is named as the recipient of a rich oldster’s estate if she can solve a puzzle as to it’s whereabouts. She must locate “Sydney”, a friend of the oldster to find the solution to the puzzle. Naturally, her oldster knew many “Sydneys”, and each one asks her for favors before giving her their answer to the puzzle. Meanwhile, Celeste, her evil friend, plots to eliminate her so she can solve the puzzle and get the inheritance herself.

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