Bottoms Up (1971)

Bottoms Up (1971)

This volume of vulgarity opens with a stinky bum in a sailor’s cap and black face (!) wandering around a park. He eats out of a garbage can until a yummy brunette sitting on a bench takes pity on him and feeds him her sandwich. The vagrant pulls a soiled dollar bill out of his pocket, folds it into a ring and places it on her finger. It magically turns into a beautiful ruby ring (or a cheap piece of costume jewelry, take your pick).

The ring turns her into an insatiable nymphomaniac. “If I don’t get laid, I’ll just die!” she pants. She dresses up in slutty lingerie and pulls out a sizable rubber schlong. Inserting it into her hairy hole, she gives herself a sheet-clutching orgasm. “I wish it were a real prick.” she moans, and – Eureka! A naked stud appears out of thin air, hung like an elk. He sucks her toes. She sucks something of his a little more personal.

The ring brings all of her horny wishes to life. She samples women and a few more boneslingers. There’s also a dominitrix segment involving some whippage. After a hop, skip and a hump, she says, “I want more people!” This leads to a sizzling orgy and more toe sucking.

Happy ending? Nope. In a last minute twist they strangle her with the whip! The ring falls off her cold body and another girl puts it on. Confused? Me too. Horny? Me too.

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