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  • The Love-In Arrangement November 21, 2017

  • Release Year: 1981
    Cast: Merle Michaels, Rick Iverson, Arcadia Lake, Eric Edwards
    Genres: Retro, Classic, All Sex, Vintage
    Video language: English

    At a divorce court, aspiring actress Dolly and her stand-up comedian beau Lenny relate their diametrically opposed versions of how their once loving relationship reached breaking point and whose fault it is. Download and enjoy!

    Format: mkv (Matroska)
    Duration: 1:11:13
    Video: 716×480, AVC (H.264)
    Audio: 187kbps

    File size: 1.4 GB

  • Intimate Couples November 21, 2017

  • Release Year: 1984
    Cast: Pamela Jennings, Angel West, Jacqueline Lorians, Rikki Blake, Herschel Savage, Beverly Bliss, Steve Powers, Dino Alexander
    Genres: Feature, Straight, Orgy, Classic
    Video language: English

    A very famous trivia game plays a major role in this story about two couples who experiment with the game and use some of the answers to follow up on their own rampant sexual fantasies. George and Sue are an inexperienced, but charming, younger couple that are in love, but not willing to learn about the more esoteric ways of pursuing sexual satisfaction. Their friends, Jim and Joanne, are older, more sophisticated and comfortable with themselves and their sexuality. They lead our novice lovers on an exciting game plan that includes body painting, rose petals, amaretto , love oils, and a climatic marathon session of trivia games that you won’t find on sale at your local game store!

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:24:44
    Video: 704×480, DivX 5, 547kbps
    Audio: 187kbps

    File size: 461.8 MB

  • Superstar Dolly Buster November 21, 2017

  • Release Year: 1992
    Genres: Retro, Classic, All Sex, Vintage

    Fascinating German ladies have always been happy to participate in filming porn movies. Download and enjoy!

    Format: mkv (Matroska)
    Duration: 1:40:15
    Video: 720×576, AVC (H.264)

    File size: 976.5 MB

  • Shiela’s Payoff (Sheila’s Payoff) November 21, 2017

  • Release Year: 1977
    Cast: Delania Raffino, Flower, M. Jennings, Mimi Morgan, Don Fernando, Jeff Lyle, Joey Silvera, Jon Martin, Ken Scudder, Paul Thomas
    Genres: Classic, Feature, All sex, Oral, Anal
    Video language: English

    One of the earliest blue movies featuring some superb acting from all involved, and a crime plot that will make you remember Reservoir pooches but adds some emotional interest.
    The various situations are all well paced as is the sexual payoff that Sheila encounters – with quite a bevy of horny friends along for the ride. Of special note are some early screen appearances of now legendary woodsmen – Paul Thomas & Don Fernando. A good mix of decadence!
    Mimi Morgan’s boyfriend is caught by the Mob to pay off a debt and now she is made into prostitution. She now must work to get her revenge! Sheila’s Payoff will be huge!

    Format: avi
    Duration: 58:35
    Video: 640×464, XviD, 1535kbps
    Audio: 54kbps

    File size: 696.7 MB

  • Hard Times at the Employment Office (1974) November 21, 2017

  • Release Year: 1974
    Cast: Uncredited
    Genres: Feature, Classic
    Video language: English

    Jerry Wade’s San Francisco employment office caters to women totally unsuited for normal employment. Except as hookers. So, during his interviews with his clients, jaunty Jerry enjoys many Hard Times at the Employment Office.

    To make matters even harder, his secretary, Jeannie, is a "part-time secretary, part-time pain-in-the-ass, and full-time sex nut." To keep her busy, Jerry hires ex-parking-attendant "long Johnny," who "can fuck any chick into a coma."

    Jerry’s first client of the day, Alice Pearson, a prim librarian type, is at first reluctant to suck his cock. Fortunately, "the parallel between a dollar sign and the rapidly developing taste for cock is truly amazing," as we quickly see. Then, in the waiting room, Alice and Jeannie do each other with a fluted dildo and probing fingers while Jerry interviews Joyce Alien, a sexy widow who "can fuck like a mink and suck a prick inside out!"

    Meanwhile, Long Johnny joins Alice and Jeannie — at their groins — on the waiting room couch. In the end, all five find full employment together on a huge lavish bed (somewhere in the titular office) and the hard times go on, go in, and spurt all over.

    Format: mp4
    Duration: 53:00
    Video: 720×536, AVC (H.264), 3046kbps
    Audio: 124kbps

    File size: 1.2 GB

  • The Very Best of Kay Parker November 21, 2017

  • Cast: Kay Parker and more..
    Genres: classic
    Video language: English

    The secret fantasy of each person was and – Kay Parker. Her popularity soared in adult films during the late 1970s and during most of the 1980s. Kay’s large and pendulous breasts are her most valuable assets to many – her most famous role was the role of woman, Barbara Scott, in the 1980 Taboo classic porn, and several of his sequels. Our collection here shows scenes from Sweet Young Foxes, Body Talk, The Untamed, The Dancers, Free And Foxy, Tomboy, and Desire. Over the years, Kay has developed a cult-like personna with its die-hard fans, whose visions of this earthly woman, laid out never seem to diminish. Join us as we present the greatest awful sampling Kay – served hot tubing and always with a dash of retro-kay Parker style.

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:20:45
    Video: 576×432, XviD, 1055kbps
    Audio: 31kbps

    File size: 700.2 MB

  • Schau Mich An Ich Mach Dich Geil November 21, 2017

  • Release Year: 1990
    Genres: Retro, Classic, All Sex, Vintage

    Passionate, experienced German women loved to take part in adult films. Download and enjoy!

    Format: mp4
    Duration: 1:59:45
    Video: 768×576, AVC (H.264), 2428kbps
    Audio: 127kbps

    File size: 2.2 GB

  • My Master My Love (1975) – Darby Lloyd Rains, Barbara Carson November 21, 2017

  • Release Year: 1975
    Cast: Darby Lloyd Rains, Alan Marlow, Barbara Carson, Annie Sprinkle, Nancy Dare, Don Allen, Melva Jackson
    Genres: Feature, Classic, Drama
    Video language: English

    Darby Lloyd Raines stars as a vicious dominatrix who lives with her beautiful slave girl. When her boy comes to visit, he immediately becomes smitten with the slave and plots to steal her away.

    Format: mp4
    Duration: 1:02:46
    Video: 720×480, AVC (H.264), 4780kbps
    Audio: 157kbps

    File size: 2.3 GB

  • Night of Submission November 21, 2017

  • Release Year: 1976
    Cast: Annie Sprinkle, Carter Stevens, Lara Christie, April Showers, Lee Griffin, Pamela Mason
    Genres: Classic, Feature
    Video language: English

    These women are in for a very long night! This 70’s vintage film features intense bondage practices on these delightful beauties and it’s going to go all night for them!

    Format: avi
    Duration: 58:39
    Video: 576×448, XviD, 1558kbps
    Audio: 39kbps

    File size: 700.2 MB

  • Sex Boat November 21, 2017

  • Release Year: 1980
    Cast: Little Oral Annie, Caroll Ann Jackson, Copper Penny, Dana Dennis, Hillary Summers, Nicole Black, Kandi Barbour, Kelly Nichols, Linda Reeves, Loni Sanders, Lynn Warlaumont, Pam Jalimov, Pamela Jennings, Renee LaPaz, Sylvia Benedict
    Video language: English

    An all female crew cater to their affluent all female clients, who are sent aboard this luxury liner by their rich husbands who want them to get away and relax. Two young men sneak aboard disguised as women. What happens next, as the ship leaves port will utterly amaze you. This blockbuster sex comedy of the year is wetter than the water around it. Stars beautiful Roxanne Potts and the ship’s captain and 18 luscious, mouthwatering centerfolds, from the pages of Penthouse, Chic, and Hustler. "What Tony Curtis and Jack Lemon (Some like it Hot) didn’t get, Roscoe and Speed do get in Sex Boat".

    Format: mkv (Matroska)
    Duration: 1:17:07
    Video: 720×576, AVC (H.264)
    Audio: 187kbps

    File size: 1.6 GB

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