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  • Little Darlin’s (1981) March 3, 2018

  • Cast: Crissi Dalton (as Crissy Dalton), Cynthia Davenport, Jacklyn Johnson , Juliet Jay, Kathy Harcourt (as Kathi Harcourt), Lori Palmer (as Lorilei Palmer), Lysa Thatcher, Suzzanna Ash

    In this classic adult parody of 1980’s "Little Darlings," a school bus loaded with girls bound for summer camp breaks down near an isolated resort hotel. As the young ladies await the repair of their bus, they begin to explore their awakening carnal desires with the hotel staff… and each other!

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  • Weltklasse Ärsche March 3, 2018

  • Release Year: 1999
    Studio: MMV
    Cast: Cindy Carrera Fratzi Jean-Pierre Armand Steve Holmes Jean-Yves Le Castel
    Genres: All sex, Oral, Anal
    Video language: German

    Beautiful scene with a hot girl porn!Wet sex and always ready, warm and friendly!

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    Duration: 2:01:50
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  • Pulsating Flesh (1986) March 3, 2018

  • Cast: Bunny Bleu as Bunny Blue, Carlos Tobalina, Sheer Delight as Cher Delight, Crystal Breeze, Harry Reems, Jay Serling as Jay Sterling, Mindy Rae as Mindy Ray, Ray Wells as Ray Hardin, Renee Summers, Tamara Longley, Tami Lee, Tess Ferre as Tess Terre, Toni Lyn

    Harry Rheems delivers 2 gallons of milk to Mrs. Wilson, and when she doesn’t answer the door right away, we see him playing the peeping Tom and playing with himself. The scene inside is with Ray Wells and what are supposed to be two 18 year old high school senior girls and he is placing his penis in each of their pussies until they have an orgasm. This turns into the orgy scene with Ray Wells, Bunny Bleu, Harry Rheems and 2 other women. Pretty hot sex but the camera angles and lighting were not done very well. The rest of the movie cuts to Ray being interviewed by Joan and they cut to the scenes he describes. Then after he tells his story Joan asks him to make her pregnant and a nice long scene between Ray and Joan follows. Then final scene is with 2 bi sexual women who call the show and ask Ray to come over and make them pregnant as well.

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  • Doogan’s Woman (1978) March 3, 2018

  • Cast: Eric Edwards, Sharon Mitchell, Peter Andrews, Susan McBain, Edna Bardo, Susan Marlow, Erika Havens, Alice Norwood, Perry Lindsay, Phillip McCann, Tony Richards

    Young photographer encounters trouble when he meets Annette treacherous whore who sleeps with his boss publisher. It interferes with his career, seducing him and then saying to the publisher that he attacked her. Annette laughed his evil laugh when we see it close-up during sex. Soon, the photographer was demoted, but he still managed to take revenge on her. It is necessary to mention the scene with Sharon Mitchell and Eric Edwards in a bath filled with spaghetti.

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  • Love Slaves (1976) – Enjil von Bergdorfe, John Leslie, Desiree West March 3, 2018

  • Release Year: 1976
    Cast: Alain Patrick, Desiree West, Enjil von Bergdorfe, John Leslie, Laura Bourbon, Sharon Thorpe, Taylor, Turk Lyon, Vicky Lyon Veronica
    Genres: Feature, Classic
    Video language: English

    Beautiful women are being kidnapped off the streets of San Francisco, brainwashed into becoming the ultimate sexual machines: The Love Slaves. With the police hitting one end after another, Detective Steve Blake (John Leslie) takes it upon himself to unmask the culprits behind this diabolical operation before the violence and continues…

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  • Red Heat (1975) – Rita Cummings, Lenore Swink, Anna Leeds March 3, 2018

  • Release Year: 1975
    Cast: Eddie Bach, Rita Cummings, Anna Leeds, Frank Margello, Harry Moran, Liz Swanson, Lenore Swink, Joan Woodman
    Genres: Feature, Classic
    Video language: English

    A group of X-rated movie makers film in Las Vegas and get caught up in a bizarre mystery. While shooting an X rated movie, a mysterious begins offing members of the cast and crew

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    Duration: 1:21:55
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  • Amber Aroused (1985) – Amber Lynn, Crystal Breeze, Sasha Gabor March 3, 2018

  • Release Year: 1985
    Cast: Sasha Gabor, Amber Lynn, Crystal Breeze, Herschel Savage, Ron Jeremy, Shaun Michelle, Tracy Duzit, Billy Dee, Rene Tiffany, Mindy Rae, Pamela Jennings, Kathlyn Moore, Jay Serling
    Genres: Feature, Classic, Sci-Fi
    Video language: English

    Recharge my energy storage units, baby! Oops! Hi there. See that female human lifeform in the picture? That’s Amber, and I’m Woody, the non-human semi-lifeform. Boy, does Amber like to have her biological procreation urges stimulated! My boss inventor, Harvey Woodman, hired her as a domestic, but before we knew it she was blowing everyone’s fuses. First, it was Harvey and his wife Mag, then the kinky next door neighbor and then me. Wow, was I turned on! Amber is gone now, but I’ll tell you I really overloaded my circuits the last time I saw Amber Aroused

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    Duration: 1:18:59
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  • Seka’s Heavenly Desire (1979) – Seka, Hillary Summers, Aubrey Nichols March 3, 2018

  • Release Year: 1979
    Cast: Seka, Hillary Summers, Aubrey Nichols, Dani Williams, Dayn Morgan, Debi Gunter, Eileen Wells, June Davis, Liza Dwyer, Serena, Stacy Goldman, Susan McQuire, Johnny Hardin, Henry Woods, Jamie Gillis, Jon Martin, Johnnie Keyes, Michael O’Leary, Mike Ranger
    Genres: Feature, Classic, Fantasy, Western
    Video language: English

    The gorgeous Seka and Serena play two old west prostitutes gunned-down in a shoot-out. Trapped in limbo for a hundred years, the girls make a deal with Satan – eternal sex in Hell if they can corrupt a sorority house filled with innocent girls. If they fail, Seka and Serena are threatened with a boring eternity in Heaven. One by one they transform the darling ladies of the rich into non-stop sex machines – much to the delight of the campus studs! Even Lucifer himself gets in on some of the action as the wickedness spreads like wildfire in… Heavenly Desire

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    Duration: 1:26:08
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  • The Devil in Miss Jones Vol. 4 – The Final Outrage (1986) March 3, 2018

  • Release Year: 1986
    Cast: Erica Boyer, Amber Lynn, Lois Aires, Vanessa Del Rio, Kelly Richards, Keri Fox, Tom Byron, Paul Thomas, Ron Jeremy
    Genres: Feature, Classic
    Video language: English

    The shocking conclusion of the ultimate erotic odyssey! Justine Jones continues her quest to find the way out of Hell with a little help from her infernal guide, Negro. Their search takes them through the sexual underworld, where every known sexual whim is a reality; then it’s down to “The Racist Room” where bigots discover the finer points of race relations. But the clincher comes in the “Taboo Room” where Justine discovers the shocking key to her forbidden past! Winner: Film of the year 1986 by Adam Film World.

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    Duration: 1:05:01
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  • Die Liebesschaukel (1986) March 3, 2018

  • Release Year: 1986
    Genres: Vintage, Classic
    Video language: English

    My woman lesbian, hot fucking two girl, action. vintage scene!

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    Duration: 54:21
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