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  • In the Sign of the Scorpion October 31, 2017

  • Release Year: 1977
    Genres: Classic, Foreign
    Video language: English

    You’ve been waiting for this one; and it has it all. Oldies and youngsters, nudies, cuties, secret agent themes, psycadelic ‘In like Fint’-tunes, kung-fu, a kung-fu dwarf(!), gold painted nude dancers, softcore sex, hardcore sex, insert sex, blowjobs, cumshots, finger lickin’ good danish dames like Anne Magle and Gina Jansen, and director Ingmar Bergmans sexy Anna Bergman. ** Beware of a few odd danish "Arabic jokes" (not as insanely profound as last years ‘Danish caricatures’.), if you take them like they are, they’re kind of silly and funny

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    Duration: 1:27:06
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  • Catch Your Dreams October 31, 2017

  • Release Year: 1983
    Genres: Feature
    Video language: English

    Group of people participate in a filmed (staged?) experiment during a one week stay at a castle. A trip with sex, , conflicts, self exploration & exploring boundries. Altough there is sex in this film it is not setup as porn movie (and commentary reminds you of that), there are by example no visible cumshots. Could have been inspiration for Lars von Triers ‘Idioterne’. Film has some connection with spiritual (tantra) movemen

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  • Star Angel October 31, 2017

  • Release Year: 1986
    Cast: Jerry Butle, Angel , Tigr , Colleen Brennan, Taija Rae , Ron Jeremy , Marita Ekberg , Tammy, Jose Duval , Frank Serrone, Cecil Howard
    Genres: Classic, Hardcore, Lesbi, Group
    Video language: English

    Howard’s films always give the viewers superb cinematography, richly textured stories, multi-faceted characters, riveting performances. Star Angel is no exception! Lola Rain (Tigr), a rock star, has ruined her career with drugs and booze. Her manager / husband, Luke (Jerry Butler) gives the strung-out Lola downers, , then an emotional good-bye fuck. When he comes, she’s gone. Over the years, Luke becomes a celebrity music promoter, but he’s tortured by Lola’s memory. Returning from a concert, Luke picks up Terry (Angel), a stunningly beautiful hitchhiker, in whom he sees the ghost of Lola. After a powerful fuck between Luke and his girlfriend (Colleen Brennan), he plans a party "with living people." Plagued by images of party guests screwing Lola in an incredible 4-some. Luke snaps. Leading Terry to bed, he fucks the delighted girl with demonic frenzy. You’ll Never Forget It. Star Angel’s emotion-packed fuck scenes and playful, sensuous encounters (such as that of Taija Rae and Ron Jeremy) give it a variety of sexuality missing from most of today’s fare.

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  • 1989-Bi And Beyond Pack July 28, 2017

  • Studio: Paladin Video
    Cast: Actresses:
    Genres: Bisexual
    Video language: English

    Webster’s dictionary defines a hermaphrodite as a person bearing the sexual configuration of both sexes. Not to be confused with transvestites, who have been frequently featured in adult cinemas, or transsexuals, who are men and women who pose as the opposite sex, Bi And Beyond features Delilah, who appears to be a true hermaphrodite.
    The storyline concerns a group of people of both sexes believe that there is a spiritual body which epitomizes the best of both sexes, and seek to find that sprit. Along the way, they party and play, and cross unmarked lines to achieve that goal. It is Jeanna Fine who discovers the secret of Delilah, and after they display what has to be a remarkable menage-trois she shares her discovery with, at first, a male friend, and then introduces her to the entire group for the ultimate bi-sexual orgy.
    Bi And Beyond will, no doubt be a controversial feature. It will no doubt offend some people of basic tastes. It is a feature which goes far beyond that which has been displayed before. It is played with enthusiasm and verve by cast well versed in giving and taking pleasure from both sexes, and directed and photographed with careful attention to detail. Most of all, it presents Delilah, the single most beguiling actress this writer has yet seen. If this form of "perversion" is your pleasure, do not miss this.

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