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  • Nasty Nurses (1983) March 6, 2018

  • Cast: Becky Savage, Janey Robbins, Kay Parker, Kimberly Carson, Dominique (as Marina), Misty Dawn, Paul Thomas, John Holmes, Herschel Savage

    Adult drama with touches of hardcore sex and black comedy centering on a day in the lives of a group of doctors, nurses and patients at a small Los Angeles hospital which the employees fear could be their last day. Mostly centering on the chief resident Dr. Rob Matthews whom is trying to get the hospital to remain open when the cynical administrator Dr. Warren informs him of the reality of the budget. In the meantime, Dr. Matthews is having a steamy affair with the head nurse Grace Simpson whom mulls a transfer to another hospital, while Matthews’ long-suffering wife Joyce suspects his infidelity. Other characters include student volunteer nurse Cheri having a fling with the local proctologist Dr. Johnson; physician Dr. Michelle Cole treating a injured actor named Jack Williams in a variety of ways; nurses aide Emily having a romp with an orderly whom has a crush on her for some time; and Nurse Terry treating a car accident victim.

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  • Olympic Fever (1979) March 6, 2018

  • Cast: Laurie Smith, Seka, Serena, Lisa DeLeeuw, Connie Peterson, Hillary Summers, Candida Royalle, Vicky Glick, Paul Thomas, RJ Reynolds, Ron Jeremy, Bill Margold, Jack Shute

    Kristin Powers is a struggling swimmer hoping to make the U.S. Olympic swim team. She has a protein deficiency that could prevent her from attaining her dream of winning gold medals. Kristin sees a doctor who prescribes a dosage of protein in the form of sperm. Kristin’s swimming times improve rapidly!

    The Russians would like to find out how Kristin (Laurie Smith) suddenly has become so much faster, so they send three agents to the US swimmers’ training camp in the Rocky Mountains to work with their undercover agent (Paul Thomas), the boyfriend of Kristin’s best friend, to find out the secret formula.

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  • Judgement Day (1976) March 6, 2018

  • Cast: Clair James, Josephine Farmer, Melba Bruce, Mimi Morgan, Moira Benson, Morning Star, Val Anderson, John Seeman, John Leslie, Tyler Reynolds, Peter Whigham, Jonathon Younger, Turk Lyon

    "Judgement Day" is the fascinating story of two star-crossed lovers Mona and Will. Tale in the manner of "Heaven Can Wait", this spectacular film trades this sexy couple’s entry into the Pearly Gates, there they are met by four other guilty, seductive paradise-seekers. However, they are barred from entry, for to enter Heaven the true facts of each of their lives must be revealed. No details is omitted, no act, regardless of how bizarre, is kept from the eyes of the viewer. So degenerated are some of this acts that for of the six are banished forever to hell. But Will and Mona are returned to earth for a secon chance. How they use this opportunity provides a delightful and erotic ending to a most unusual motion picture.

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  • Living Doll (1987) March 6, 2018

  • Cast: Amber Lynn [Anal DP], Nina Hartley, Shanna McCullough [Facial], Sharon Mitchell, Siobhan Hunter, Taija Rae, Hershel Savage, Jack Baker [NonSex], Joey Silvera, Randy Paul, Steve Drake

    Ever wondered what goes on in a toy store at night when no one is around? Len and Bobbi work in a toy store and when the lights go out in this toy store, guess what comes up? The dolls come alive with all the passion and desires of real people. Didn’t you suspect the teddy bear got horny? Didn’t you ever notice how the boy doll looked at the girl doll? You must have guessed that one night the G.I. doll would plug into the electric woman! Living Doll weaves a magical spell of fantasy and passion that comes alive through the incredible erotic vision of Jerome Tanner.

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  • Moments Of Love (1983) March 6, 2018

  • Cast: Danielle, Heather Fields, Jade Wong, Lisa De Leeuw (as Lisa DeLeeuw), Mai Lin, Robin Everett (as Michelle Leigh), Nicole Black, Rhonda Jo Petty, Billy Comes, Blair Harris, Mike Horner (as Don Hart), Hershel Savage, Jesse Adams, Joe Elliot, John Holmes, Roc

    With Dr. Prober occupied with buxom Nurse Marnie, Tisa Williams naps in the waiting room, prompting a fellow patient to take advantage of her hand and breasts. Dr. Prober then tells Tisa she’s dying. After an encounter with her female roommate, Tisa decides to spend her remaining days as a prostitute and write a book about it. Dr. Prober fails reaching Tisa to tell her he gave her the wrong results, until he reads about her whereabouts in a porn magazine. Though angered at first, Tisa admits her experiences provided her a best seller. Nevertheless, she fears the good news would make her readers feel cheated. Therefore, Dr. Prober agrees to announce in a press conference that he just managed to find her a cure. Tisa then receives special treatment by both Dr. Prober and buxom Nurse Marnie, before Dr. Prober steps outside his room to announce to the waiting press that the cure worked.

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  • Best of rosemary lorenz March 6, 2018

  • Release Year: 1988
    Genres: All Sex
    Video language: English

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    Duration: 2:34:18
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  • Big & Black Vol. 1 (1989) – Gail make, F.M. Bradley, Megan Leigh March 6, 2018

  • Release Year: 1989
    Cast: Gail make, F.M. Bradley, Ray Victory, Toni Kristian, Billy Dee, Megan Leigh, Stephanie Rage, Peter Lawerence, Page Frost
    Genres: Feature, Classic, Compilation
    Video language: English

    Zane’s most aggressive hardcore sluts feast on a super lineup of very heavily hung black torpedoes. These meat – slinging studs don’t miss an opening for any of their schlong squirts. Here are some of the raunchiest, fucking / sucking cum – splattering sex videos ever. All complete scenes!!!

    2 hrs of thick black cocks, interracial fucking and sucking at its spurting best. Wet lips and searing cum-gushers!!!

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    Duration: 1:59:05
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  • Love on Top (1971) March 6, 2018

  • Cast: Howard Alexander, Norman Field, Ron Darby, Sandi Carey, Starlyn Simone

    After his wife leaves the house, a man calls up two prostitutes that he regularly uses and has them come over. This time, however, they have a bit more in store for him than he realizes.

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    Duration: 1:15:57
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  • Erotic flash March 6, 2018

  • Release Year: 1981
    Cast: Adriana Giuffre, Francoise Perrot, Moana Pozzi, Marina Hedman, Carmine Zarrillo, Giulio Baraghini, Kieran Canter, Red Martin, Rodolfo Licari, Herbie Hofer
    Genres: Feature, Straight, Classic
    Video language: English

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    Duration: 1:29:35
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  • Lickity-Split (1974) March 6, 2018

  • Cast: Mark Andrews, Melissa Evers, Max Packs, Sandi Foxx, Don Allen, Holly Bush, Mel White, Mary Stuart, John Bush, Leokavdia Olszewski, Leo Lovemore, Cedar Houston, Vic Dare, Peaches Flambe, Day Jason

    "Lickity Split follows the randy sexual exploits of a somewhat hapless G.I., as he makes his way back to his military base."

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