Devil’s Little Acre

Devil’s Little Acre

Release Year: 1972
Studio: Something Weird Video
Cast: Maria Arnold, Rene Bond
Genres: Classic, Feature, Straight, All Sex
Video language: English

Nothing so wild and wooly, so crazily wonderful and so madly erotic as Devil’s Little Acre has come down the pornographic pike before, and you’re not likely to see anything remotely like it again!
Three moronic farmboy gays sit around their ramshackle ranch , arguing, picking their noses, and giving one another the finger — all because they’re horny. They, sneak over to where Maria Arnold is posing nude for a photographer in the middle of nowhere, and the brothers get all het-up.
So Zeke puts in a call to Frenchy Tiggler, president of the “Ozark Maids Employment Agency.” Frenchy is played by Rene Bond in an over-the-top performance that defies comparison. She floats around in a red corset affecting a whispery French accent, while she encourages one of the girls to breast-feed a toy doll, and requires another to fuck pigs. (Off screen, thank God.)
Summoning the latter from the pig sty to go to work for Moronic, Rene steps out on the porch saying, “Myrtle, I wanted to talk to you about a zhob.” Then, glancing about the yard worriedly, she adds, “Where is zee pig? I don’t see my favorite pig! Did you hurt heem?”
Later, after two of the brothers have been provided with a “maid” and a “nurse” from the agency, Zeke goes for Frenchy herself. Clad only in an army helmet and belt, and carrying a mop at ready-arms, he sneaks up on Rene, who’s waiting for him by leaning vamp-like against the porch-post smoking an unlit cigarette and wearing only men’s briefs and a red boa round her neck!
The movie ends with a delirious triple wedding that is part Bergman, part Marx , and part Mummenshantz.
Dementia praecox porn! The Deviate went hog-wild over it, and it went into his permanent collection three times!

Format: avi
Duration: 45:03
Video: 640×480, XviD, 1988kbps
Audio: 125kbps


File size: 700.0 MB

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