Dial-a-dick (1986) (Chris Monte, AVC)

Dial-a-dick (1986) (Chris Monte, AVC)

Studio: AVC

Jerry Butler and Steve Drake just can’t seem to get laid. They frequent the local bar and dispense obnoxious humor and phony come-ons. But this night, the usual tactics don’t work. They depart after several aborted attempts to pick up girls, leaving behind merely a napkin doodle indicating their ideal fantasy: Dial-A-Dick, a 24-hour stud service.

Lo and behold, who shows up at their door but a female patron of the bar! Apparently she found the napkin and was turned on by the idea. Faster than you can say “situation comedy” these former lonely guys are up to their tight behinds in women. So much, in fact, that they’re compelled to hire “Steel Dick Rick” (Tony Martino) to service the excess flow of womanhood.

Obviously this gag gets repetitive and the idea defaults through indifference to both the concept and the audience. What saves it from becoming dull is Jerry Buitler’s long stream of blue one-liners, some actually ad-libbed, causing the other actors to lose composure.

Sexually, Dial-A-Dick is very standard, although Sandy Summers is a welcome new face with lots of sex appeal. Stacey Donovan, given the female lead in the credits, only appears in a brief scene. As usual, she is stunning to observe but unexciting in the sack. Fortunately, her scene is made more interesting as a four-way with Stacey, Butler, Steve Drake and Krista lane. It’s a weird, drug-induced orgy that benefits from effective hand-held camerawork. Otherwise, it’s an average day at the movies.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:21:25
Video: 528×400, XviD, 1714kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 1.1 GB

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