First Time At Cherry High

First Time At Cherry High

Release Year: 1984
Studio: VCA
Cast: Actresses Carol Cross , Cathy Stevens , Chelsea Blake , Mystery Lane , Natasha Skyler (as Natasia Ski) , Renee Summers , Silver Starr , Tanya Lawson , Valerie LeVeau Actors, Alan Adrian , David Scott , Dr. Freeda , George Payne , Jerry Butler , Jesse Ea
Genres: Feature
Video language: English

Unadulterated schoolgirl fun ‘n’ fluff in one of the more palatable ’80s . Striking similarities – which might, of course, amount to little more than plagiarism – lead one to believe that director “Eve Milan” might be another alias for filmmaker Joanna Williams, herself rumored to be former sexploitation siren Ann Myers, even though the franchise’s semi-official third installment suggests considerable pro-active involvement at least from its legendary producer William Dancer. Either way, the Milan credit has only appeared on two other movies, presumably shot simultaneously since they all star elusive
Ms. Pepper’s private finishing school for girls holds the reputation for marrying off its alluring alumni to the world’s rich and powerful. The academic year drawing to a close, a proposal has yet to materialize however and the stern head mistress (New York actress Chelsea Blake, the pushy stage mom from Ron Sullivan’s promises passing grades in exchange for at least one wealthy wedding. Frizzy-haired Valerie LaVeaux (who played Juliet Anderson’s teenage daughter and Shanna McCullough’s sister in Stu Segall’s INSATIABLE II) has the girl/girl wake up call with one shot Cathy Stevens. This dynamic duo subsequently takes on handyman Jerry Butler.
Most of the girls lacking both skill and experience necessary to ensnare a potential husband, it’s up to ringleader Lawson (Ron Jeremy’s erstwhile girlfriend who found religion and quit the business) to instruct them in the pleasures of the flesh, resulting in a spectacular four femme pile-up on nerdy security guard David Scott in the school restroom, memorably scored with a funky instrumental rendition of Santa Claus is Coming to Town !
The future (and now sadly former) Mrs. Eric Edwards, pleasingly pudgy Rene Summers, makes a credible wide-eyed innocent hopelessly in love with computer geek Jesse Eastern. They finally consummate their mutual lust in the cloak room on prom night in an explosive release of pent-up passion. Even prim ‘n’ proper Ms. Pepper lets it all hang out with dashing Senator Weatherman, patron of the party and portrayed with pomposity worthy of PT by undrrated Michael Gaunt. The bleached blond starlet on the pool table with Jeremy is fly by night Silver Starr, actress best known for her participation in Candida Royalle’s early Femme releases, and future video vixen Natasha Skyler appear in non-sex bit parts.
The much talked about group encounter with masked Mystery Lane (presumably a real life swinger) orally servicing a bunch of guys wearing the masks of US Presidents feels tagged on. Legend has it that none of the men were professional porn performers but eager volunteers chomping at the bit. Still, Jeremy’s definitely in this scene and Alan Adrian just might be. The set-up sounds like a lot more fun than it actually plays out on screen. The film’s opening tease, with Tanya spied upon through binoculars by across the street neighbor George Payne, is delivered upon in spades with their scorching subway number at the end.
Scene 1. Tanya Lawson
Scene 2. Cathy Stevens, Valerie LeVeau
Scene 3. Cathy Stevens, Jerry Butler, Valerie LeVeau
Scene 4. David Scott, Tanya Lawson, Renee Summers, Silver Starr, Valerie LeVeau
Scene 5. Jesse Eastern, Renee Summers
Scene 6. Chelsea Blake, Michael Gaunt
Scene 7. 7 guys, Mystery Lane, Ron Jeremy
Scene 8. George Payne, Tanya Lawson

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