French Finishing School (1981) (Loic Chalmain, Caballero)

French Finishing School (1981) (Loic Chalmain, Caballero)

Studio: Caballero

“French Finishing School” is a place where young girls receive the best education in the arts of refined living. They may enter as girls, but they leave as women. Samantha is a sexy, young and eager student when it comes to the art of seduction. She gives her handsome teacher, Eric, a few lessons in school. Samantha has taken graphic photographs depicting Eric in bed with Katie (one of his students), which she uses as material to turn Eric into her love slave. Eric relents and does Samantha’s Bidding and bedding. Samantha’s romantic with Eric quickly breed resentment, and Eric loses no time in exacting his revenge. Eric Plots a sexual violation for Samantha which ends up in an enjoyable climatic experience in “French Finishing School”

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