Jeunes Danoises au pair (Jean-Claude Roy, Alpha France)

Jeunes Danoises au pair (Jean-Claude Roy, Alpha France)

Studio: Alpha France

Marianne Aubert and Carole Pierac are ‘Danish’ au pairs in Paris. Marianne is employed by Alban and Olivia. Carole’s prospective employer is either away or has left her husband; so she takes employment with a sot (Jacky Jack). She has sex with him almost immediately.
Marianne is shown to her room and immediatly gets out her dildo.
Later Marianne is at dinner with Olivia and Alban and Olivia fantasises that Alban fucks Marianne on the table while Olivia uses the wine bottle as a dildo.
Marianne visits Carole and her employer and they go out and pick up Christophe for a foursome.
Next morning Marianne takes in the breakfast tray and finds her employers asleep; so she sucks off Alban before he wakes.
Olivia finds Marianne’s dildo and gets caught by Marianne and Carole using it – threesome. Olivia is turned on and later uses it herself.
Out doors, while playing the tourist, Marianne is accosted by Jean-Pierere Armand. She brushes him off. Later he turns out to be a business acquaintance of Alban.
Cathy Ménard is Alban’s secretary. She sucks him off in a fantasy sequence. Later she demonstrates the use of a dildo to Alban and Jean-Pierre.
Alban invites Jean-Pierre round to his home. Olivia gets Marianne to seduce the two men while she is out of the room. She masturbates while watching.
Finally Olivia, Marianne, Carole, Alban and Jean-Pierre Armand have an orgy.

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