L’éducatrice (1981)

L’éducatrice (1981)

Release Year: 1981
Genres: Classic
Video language: French

Possibly a “don’t blink or you miss it” cameo by Daniele Troeger.
The identification of Mina Houghe is a bit tentative, but the character is associated with a “Mina” and the looks are at least similar.
The story is about late bloomer Eva. Content with her lesbian relationship with Michelle she is curious but unknowledgeable about heterosexual sex. One day her cosy relationship is shattered when Michelle dumps her for a male lover.
A flirtation with a colleague comes to nothing (except for a memorable encounter with an exhibitionist), and things only change when Eva meets Lois. Lois plays it slowly, but it soon becomes clear that he has some strange sexual tastes, e.g. sex with strangers in a car park [now called ” in the UK], or paying a group of hippies to conduct an orgy.
Initially hesitant, Eva’s behaviour goes soon completely off the rails even by Lois’s standards, and only being mugged by someone she had fancied for a quickie brings her to her senses.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:14:05
Video: 640×480, AVC (H.264), 1994kbps
Audio: 60kbps

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