Les Esclaves Sexuelles (Burd Tranbaree, Alpha France)

Les Esclaves Sexuelles (Burd Tranbaree, Alpha France)

Studio: Alpha France

Dominique Aveline gets home in a taxi, there are two girls with him. At home there are two more waiting for him.
(Marie-Dominique Cabannes, Myriam Benzerti, Erika Cool and Liliane Allan).
First scene: He fucks the girls one by one while the others are having lesbian intercourse.
After a phone call Claude Janna (credited as Rachel) arrives and joins in. Richard Lemieuvre plays the butler.
Second scene: The butler joins his master with the five girls.
Third scene (short): All 5 girls are in bed with Dominique Aveline. The butler is serving breakfast. Charlie Schreiner plays a salesman of young girls. , introduced as Birgit, is the young girl that is to be bought. There is a visitor interrupting breakfast.
Scene four: Richard Lemieuvre tests the young girl. Dominique Aveline and Richard Lemieuvre visit Amanda.
Scene five: Richard Lemieuvre uses a dildo on her and fucks her then, later, Dominique Aveline joins in.
Scene six: In another room is a lesbian duo (Erika Cool and Nicole Natte). After a few minutes Dominique Aveline arrives and joins the action.
Scene seven: The young girl is used in a three some with Charlie Schreiner and Dominique Aveline. Gabriel Pontello and Guy Royer are guests at the party.
Scene eight: All the girls together in a big orgy with the men. The last girl to get fucked is Alexandra Sand.

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