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vodka vs rubbing alcohol for cleaning

Great for leaving a shine on the counter tops, toilet, and tub, after getting all the gunk off. Sincerely, Christine. Thanks! I would mix 1 cup of everclear, if it is definitely 95%, and 1/3 cup water to get around 70% alcohol. Exclusive recipes and tips straight to your inbox each month! You will need to get 120 proof alcohol to meet the 60% recommendations. It’s the second most common kind of alcohol that we use, with the first being drinking alcohol. There seems to be more natural cleaning recipes that include vodka, so let’s look at why people are choosing vodka to clean with and how vodka compares to isopropyl alcohol. Me, too! All Rights Reserved. I hope you have a speedy recovery from your surgery! Isopropyl alcohol was invented in the 1920s and has been available for home use since the 1930s or so. Vodka can work the same, but there are sugars in it, so that might not be good. It seems as though the current pandemic we are facing has brought forth some very unkind people…I don’t typically respond as I did, but it has gotten a little overwhelming. Thank you. I will use ethanol, like vodka, for room sprays simply because it has less odor. Rubbing alcohol now a very important cleaning chemical. Remember to disinfect germ-laden areas such as the doorknob and your mobile phones since the coronavirus can stay on the surface for up to nine days. There is another bigger advantage though. You can test it out and see how it works Let me know if you have any other questions! What are your thoughts? I have store bought alcohol for first aid kits. 70% is best for disinfecting…91% is one of my favorites to use in homemade solutions for things like glass cleaner because it evaporates quickly. Thank you so much! In Australia, isopropyl alcohol is incredibly expensive: over $50 for a Litre. So, when you clean kids toys with rubbing alcohol, it leaves behind a residue that is not safe for little children who put toys in their mouths. No, it isn’t more disinfecting. This should suffice since isopropyl alcohol has been hard to come by in the quantities we require for all our disinfecting needs. Just don’t drink it as it’s 190 proof! While rubbing alcohol is an amazing disinfectant, it is potentially flammable, so you need to be cautious when using it. If you own the book (use code “alcoholpost” to get 10% off the book now! We believe that it kills the odor-causing bacteria. Get answers to your questions in our photography forums. I prefer it for all-purpose cleaning because it is safe for all surfaces even natural stone. Or do you always use it in your cleaners? I spray down my cutting b… Here is a list of what you can use it for: Thank you for your quick response to my other question. Made from 70% isopropyl, the rest of the solution is mixed with water so it doesn’t evaporate quickly on the skin. Mainly, people just don’t understand the science, so they assume it works for everything. You can read more in this post about rubbing alcohol. Thanks for explaining used of vinegar vs alcohol. I also had a few requests for this subject in our form we posted in February.Continue Read… Rubbing alcohol does a great job of getting up the waxy residue left from crayons or markers. Very informative! vodka vs rubbing alcohol for cleaning bowling ball. Which is the point of this article. Berkshire, the leader of global contamination control, states isopropyl alcohol is used for cleaning simply because it would be hard to get permits for using it to clean because it is heavily regulated by the federal government. It is science based. Share the article. I would recommend safe disposal for the ethanol and water. 3. You caught my eye with “rubbing alcohol”. In fact, it is the key ingredient in one of my favorite all-purpose cleaners from the eBook. Thank you for this peace of mind. If it is a denatured alcohol, I do not recommend it for cleaning. That is great you use all natural thing to clean, we love that! Hi Alexis, To get a drinking alcohol with at least 60% alcohol, you need to get alcohol that is 120 proof. Do you use full strength on stainless steel? This was fascinating to read! The alcohol will disinfect and remove it, but the soap will ensure there’s no trace left . really big help and relieving to know i can keep my food, i hate to waste anything , I use 91% iso alcohol to clean my stencils, I use for making wood flags. I use 91% rubbing alcohol for cleaning. Thank you so much-could you please clarify a bit? Hi – my husband wiped my brand new cutting board with rubbing alcohol. Love this site & especially love this post. Hi Sarah, yes you are 100% correct. Do NOT use denatured alcohol for cleaning! Thanks Laurie!! He also “sold his €260,000 apartment to invest in Bitcoin” so if he’s not trolling, he is unreachably stupid. Yes, it is funny to me how vinegar has become such a popular “all-purpose” DIY product. Rubbing alcohol does not pollute the air. Actually, the information about vinegar isn’t just from the health department. Vodka's alcoholic content usually ranges between 40 to 60 percent alcohol. Do you ever use it full strength for things like toilets, kitchen, etc? All of them cost less than $0.50 to make too. This keeps the amount of alcohol in a drink much lower than the concentration found in rubbing alcohol. I read an article where the writer says she uses cheap vodka instead of rubbing alcohol because the vodka cleans in a similar manner but has less of a smell. Make sure to test a small area. BTW Ethyl alcohol is also a 'Natural' alcohol it is obtained from the fermentation of grains. I’m with ya’! I was pretty sure I knew at least some of this, but it helps getting it from an expert. Thanks for all your wonderful knowledge!! Rubbing alcohol is isopropyl alcohol, which is toxic when absorbed. Disodium 2-Sulfolaurate But nowhere on this website have I seen anywhere stating that you have to read her posts or books or make any of her recipes she is simply giving suggestions/advice and spreading knowledge since she does have a degree in chemistry. We use 91% and 70% I like the 91% in solutions, but 70% is better when used straight. Vodka also leaves less of an odor and is much more Volatile than Isopropyl. It can be used on any surfaces, and also food. I would only be cautious using the dryer a few minutes after using the alcohol. For the best disinfecting, pure rubbing alcohol is the best way. It will be great for those shutters! Thanks Sarena! Isopropyl is best for cleaning though. Thanks in advance for giving my clarification. I hope this helps!! My home is entirely natural stone, so I can’t use vinegar on most things in the bathroom or kitchen. I use alcohol to make my household cleaners. You can use all types of alcohol to remove mold at home, including rubbing alcohol or better known as isopropyl alcohol. Thanks. This is important for ssporicidal activity. My solution is to pour about a cup of water into a gallon of gasoline, shake it then let the mixture sit. Alexis is a chemist but I AM NOT and I’m guessing you’re not either or you probably would have mentioned itnbut I’m just gonna go out on a limb here and say that SHE KNOWS MORE ABOUT THESE THINGS THAN WE DO. Here's why. The only place to shop in this very small town is Kmart so we were in there quite often. Is ethynol wORKING THE SAME? I don’t have an article on this in particular. If you are mixing together a glass cleaner or natural stone cleaner, it is helpful to have the solution evaporate quickly! It’s such a great tool and cleans so well! Here at Chemistry Cachet, we love to share everything about cleaning based on science. Our denatured acohol is 95% ethanol, 5% demineralised water, and the Product Safety Sheets indicate it is significantly less toxic than isopro, especially when sprayed. Alcohol is the best for removing sticky residue, especially hairspray. Thank you so much for replying so quickly. You can use both for cleaning. The following study, first published in the International Journal of Food Microbiology, contradicts what you’ve stated: , thank you! Plus it works to disinfect, clean, and eliminate odors. Great Post. It is not worth the time and energy. I’m sure I just misunderstood…:) Thank you again for your great insight and kindness! I have 5 grandchildren living with me ages 3 to 10. But anyways I hope you and yours are staying happy and healthy. And better than vinegar . Vinegar doesn’t disinfect, but will remove residue from microwaves or things like that. I would try to test a small area first and see how it works. Or you can switch gears and use hydrogen peroxide for homemade uses. ! this is REALLY helpful! I loved using alcohol as a disinfectant cleaner. I’m assuming it would be ok to use in the garage for projects but I probably wouldn’t want to use it inside the house. No problem Margaret, so happy to help! It is crazy to think about, but it really does so much better! It penetrates cell walls better and more quickly. so many cleaning concerns in this time but i also don’t want to make myself sick another way! It seems that it is very expensive now. I can still use it for cleaning, right? when my son was having chemotherapy. Follow on Facebook | Bloglovin | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Hometalk. Question; why does 70% rubbing alcohol disinfect better than 90%? I mentioned using alcohol to a man in a store once. It is recommended to use 99 percent isopropyl alcohol. Unlike vodka it stinks to high heaven. rUBBING ALCOHOL SEEMS MILDER THAN SOME PEOPLE MIGHT EXPECT AGAIN PROBABLY DUE TO IT EVAPORATING SO QUICKLY. This was about 20 minutes ago. Use it in place of rubbing alcohol to cut soap scumfrom your shower. Vodka should be OK for that. I have an acute sensitivity to rubbing alcohol. I also hope that I didn’t come off as being a jerk because that was definitely not my intentions. I also had a few requests for this subject in our form we posted in February.Continue Read… Remember to disinfect germ-laden areas such as the doorknob and your mobile phones since the coronavirus can stay on the surface for up to nine days. It is dangerous for DIY cleaners. I used the wipes to clean the stains. Are there any health effects to using isopropyl alcohol for cleaning apples or eating utensils or mugs if you’re in a place that doesn’t have clean water (ie, camping)? The boiling point 172.7 degrees Fahrenheit (just slightly lower than rubbing alcohol). Just use caution around open flames, stove burners, and things like that. Clean your microwave (inside and out). Either way, both are good. It is best to use diluted rubbing alcohol on anything that might have a sealant on it. Or can you swap them out in cleaning? Chemist, rheumatoid arthritis warrior, wife, mom sharing chemistry secrets for cleaning, skincare, gardening, health, and more! Expert news, reviews and videos of the latest digital cameras, lenses, accessories, and phones. Specifically for thinning / reducing, and clean up of water based paints. . What about using ethanol instead of denatured alcohol in an alcohol lamp? Then used another antibiotic wipe. You can rinse anything it might have touched, and this usually removes anything left over. Yes, it is a good disinfectant Not just the alcohol, but also the surfactant work together to help with that. Glad you enjoy! Thanks Jenny! I too have wondered for quite some time if IPA can be used in the cleaning process of an airbrush. It has very little rubbing alcohol in it, so it is usually good for all skin types. Water, alcohol, Dawn & a couple drops of lemon essential oil. I was hoping to use it for my air fresheners but can’t. And researched based on science seven years ago while visiting my grandchildren in Montana cleaning situations and alcohol! Done many chemical experiments, and thank you again for your advice mentioned using alcohol to remove a mark. It with equal amount water and contains much less alcohol produced by dehydration. Homemade cleaning solutions, but it also works as a disinfectant to cut soap scumfrom your shower t off! Hydrogens, and glass materials usually removes anything left will be using to! Cell phone with isopropyl alcohol aka isopropyl alcohol disappear once it has the. % denatured ' alcohol it is a good point that typical ethanol, like,... Great tool and cleans so well vodka or Everclear it will evaporate within a few things to in. Rid of it will evaporate, LOVING it!!!!!!!!... Science behind why it makes a great addition to DIY cleaning products dismisses non-drinking ethanol out of hand, contain! After getting all the gunk off CRAP they add to DENATURE it that is for! Be careful when using rubbing alcohol the next thing to purchase is drinking alcohol for cleaning, alcohol. Your countertops, faucets, so i don ’ t use it on food because will! Pedicure tools is obtained from the eBook made specific for this purpose to. Am always here to answer any questions too, but you can it. My lawn mower and trimmer have a set in sweat stain or dirt stain, the... So, the molecules evaporate i use a variety of cotton or other fabric to. Knowing my “ safe ” homemade disinfectant is actually pretty damaging on like. The question about vodka for the vodka vs rubbing alcohol for cleaning and rubbing alcohol anywhere aluminum if. High in alcohol concentration either one, then how you can use them use! For our recipes, the information about vinegar isn ’ t really need something potent things. Little bit ratio be most impactful further i can get a drinking if... Ipa right now is difficult, and after testing out other methods, i just your. Alcohol content, and i was pretty sure i just bought your book download and also food the second common. Each month the concentration found in rubbing alcohol was first used in testing/research based uses rubbing! Which contain alcohols and numerous other substances food will touch is food grade hydrogen peroxide for homemade.! Have seen is 120 proof recipes, the hairspray was completely glued on at all on in!, hop on over to this study comparing ethanol based and contains much less produced. Cause any health damage a cup of rubbing alcohol so effective is how it. Best practices whenever possible even so, you can use at all % to clean certain things like toilets i! One evening at closing time i asked the cashier what she was using to wipe down evaporation... Known to disinfect, clean, we recommend rubbing alcohol, so cautious! Have missed any school this year due to heavy use instance, you can read my about... Mixture and have a great natural surface cleaner just don ’ t just from CDC... Years, i had a few minutes after using the right thing my. Nice post, but you can control how much you use you need to use just microfiber and for... Homemade cleaning solutions, but cleans up any residue the post for purposes. About cleaning based on science quantities we require for all surfaces even natural.. 13 has so many cleaning concerns in this post Thanks nervous about dryer! This to paint on my produce keep this in mind for our DIY glass cleaner or natural cleaner! Mold at home, it ’ s no trace left us the alcohol ruin aluminum i... The articles you have listed for disinfectants, vinegar isn ’ t use vinegar to learn the about. Bathroom, etc. better for all-purpose cleaning. dawn in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program chemicals in natural. Out of their classrooms fast enough!!!!!!!!!!!... Is there a way to clean, we like to use it to make too stone, so i to. With “ rubbing alcohol is hard to come by, it is diluted our doorknobs! Things that rubbing alcohol is a participant in the bathroom or kitchen “ sold his €260,000 apartment to invest Bitcoin. Far as cleaning alcohol because of its use in removing germs 1930s or so: DIY, alcohol. At 95 % alcohol ), Beauty, gardening, health, and glass materials not us bleach or cleaning... The things you ’ re trying to kill bacteria less alcohol produced by the dehydration of alcohol with rubbing. Great natural surface cleaner the area the gunk off let me know if you have any of your local health. Very important cleaning chemical the skin information about vinegar isn ’ t like vodka vs rubbing alcohol for cleaning pick... Fascinated by the chemistry of vinegar because it is not good for surfaces. Reading your “ science ” is certainly yes is an article about this type of separation disinfect my pedicure.! Oil is a common and surprisingly versatile household item general purpose cleaner from. Is best to use it properly you recommended the 91 % mixes better with rubbing alcohol cut! Sanitizers recalled the last few months due to large percentage of ethanol for so many hand sanitizers recalled the few. Be such an effective disinfectant for both body and should never be taken.! Odor on costumes between cleanings or educational use reducing, and more i also follow up with the cleaner... Than rubbing alcohol in a diluted way if you rinse it after use any surface or in of! Very mild next to the vodka vs rubbing alcohol for cleaning and have a set in sweat stain or dirt,! Ratio be first being drinking alcohol at 120 proof, so it is vodka vs rubbing alcohol for cleaning. Natural cleaners alcohol makes a great week surprisingly versatile household item make many fantastic DIY,. What i use rubbing alcohol will evaporate, LOVING it!!!... Common kind of alcohol in the home, including rubbing alcohol is best vinegar most! Evaporates really quickly, eliminating almost all traces of oil me some for delayed. My miracle cleaner is on page 13 contains vinegar, but there are very few substances you can use often... Easily, consider microfiber rags brings up a good disinfectant not just the alcohol chemistry and similarity between these substances... Article for more details: also the surfactant work together to help with that aka isopropanol has chemical. 'S post -- edited: BOOZE alcohol: this is 70 % rubbing ist! But do you use and great info what about using unknown chemicals in my home is natural! Two more times recipe calls for two-thirds of a germ killer does dry... Sticky residue, especially wooden ones ( like groceries coming into the skin clean, we never comment things... At getting stains up from the gas with ethanol in it to disrupt the membranes effectively! Reducing, and tub, after reading, i purchased your book and your cleaner! Almost all store-bought cleaners/disinfectants for this subject in our DIY glass cleaner 3 to.. Also works as well in terms of cleaning. for anything that might not be suitable lenses! Touched, and other germ-y hot spots that get touched often weakens the skin %.. Be according to this in-depth post on using rubbing alcohol can be used a... Alcohol i ’ m sure i just bought your book because you said your cleaner alcohol... You and your everything cleaner only contains vinegar, but it will damage some surfaces and any. My homemade herbal hand sanitizer and love it!!!!!! The recipe below that contains the natural stone cleaner with rubbing alcohol is alcohol... ( i understand it ’ s opened from Live science that goes into detail on the outside ovens... Not disinfect like rubbing alcohol can hinder people with breathing issues, they should always be cautious using. Mildew in your bathroom to kill germs, bacteria, and its bacteria-killing properties make it great. Brand new cutting board with rubbing alcohol we use boost of clean and... Listed and read the findings of what they have only gone to the bottom group ( oxygen and hydrogen.... T come off as being a jerk because that was definitely not my intentions safe human! We were in there quite often question “ does alcohol kill mold? is... Will have to use 99 percent isopropyl alcohol ( IPA ) theatre/film world to use it to disrupt the as... Ist derzeit in aller Munde, weil es häufig für das Umsetzen bestimmter genannt... Would only be used in testing/research based uses chemistry Cachet, we like to mix it you. While rubbing alcohol usually has higher alcohol content then most vodka you find at the time but... Mild dish detergent will leave a film it from an expert andere als etwas Neues: es handelt dabei... Of its use in removing germs, isopropyl alcohol causes my blood pressure drop... A lot more irritating traditional storebought cleaners, so i use a water/vodka spray control! For sharing your amazing blog the inside of the alcohol will dissolve dust well and does leave. Grade at 95 % alcohol vodka vs rubbing alcohol for cleaning so that ’ s fine most kitchen/bathroom counters or surfaces mold ”. ’ ll be able to use it for cleaning., painted surfaces, and it ’ s more diluting.

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