Nøglehullet (1974) (Merry Film)

Nøglehullet (1974) (Merry Film)

Studio: Merry Film

Mette’s father hires her boyfriend, Soren, to write a script for a porn movie. He wants it to be realistic. Soren discusses this with Mette, arguing that if realistic it would be boring as it would be about ordinary people. Mette convinces him that ordinary people don’t have boring sex lives – her fmaily and their friends for instance. She spies on her father, his business partner and her mother and gets a job in a massage parlour for research, watching her co-worker giving hand to a client and later getting a massage herself. While she is at the massage parlour Soren is photographing two females and a male in a porn shoot. When Soren presents the script based on Mette’s research, it is rejected as unbelievable by the very people it is about.

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