Nude Cuties 25

Nude Cuties 25

Release Year: 1950
Studio: Something Weird Video
Cast: Vivian Malady, Daurene Dare, Marsha Jordan, Diane Delayne, Betty Kidder, Mary Darrin
Genres: Softcore, Erotic, Retro
Video language: English

1. Untitled (smoking)
2. Vivian Malady
3. Untitled (fishnets)
4. Daurene Dare
5. Untitled (fireside)
6. Untitled (fishnets)
7. Polly
8. Marsha Jordan
9. Untitled (cowgirls)
10. Untitled (fishnets)
11. Nudie Cuties No. 225
12. Nudie Cuties No. 235
13. Nudie Cuties No. 228 (Diane Delayne)
14. Key-Hole Peex 326
15. Key-Hole Peex 306
16. Key-Hole Peex 321
17. Hollywood Honeys 236
18. Pin-Up Pretties 186
19. Nudie Cuties No. 285
20. Coy Cuties No. 19
21. Hollywood Honeys 220
22. Key-Hole Peex 359
23. Moody Stripper
24. Your Hollywood Pin-Up Girl 173
25. Pin-Up Pretties 200
26. Hollywood Cuties 680
27. Key-Hole Peex 116
28. Hollywood Cuties 682 (Betty Kidder)
29. Untitled (knife sharpening)
30. Mary Darrin
31. Untitled
32. Pin-Up Pretties 152
33. Fast Curves
34. Nudie Cuties No. 236
35. Key-Hole Peex 37
36. Hollywood Cuties 616
37. Untitled
38. 1960s boat
This set of loops is an astonishing amalgam elegant, outrageous, and whimsical. Beside the usual fireside and fishnet fare, we see a harem beauty posing amid stone ruins, busty cowgirls in lingerie, a perky, gum-chewing brunette, and a blonde feeding the chickens. We follow a brunette in and out of the woods, and see others chopping wood and hanging pictures. (1950s women were incredible. Not only did they save money by doing every imaginable chore themselves, but they apparently spent little money on clothes. They were incredibly resistant to bug bites and abrasions, too. Maybe it was the fallout from the nuclear testing that made them so tough.) Before this volume is over we also get a peek at a Christmas tree and a rare 1950s tattoo. The trees back then, it must be added, were not as full-bodied as the women. Back to business, the ladies sharpen knives, climb rocks, and trim bushes before drawing a bath and turning in for a well-deserved rest. The 1960s provide a fantastic send-off in a color and sound spectacular that sees seven buxom beauties sunbathing on the deck of a boat as it rounds the harbor. – Nick Rowan, Rowan Art

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 2:00:35
Video: 640×480, Windows Media Video 9, 1171kbps
Audio: 93kbps


File size: 1.1 GB

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