The Tender Trap

Studio: After Hours Cinema

When a trio of bumbling flatfoots try to pull the plug on San Francisco’s sex trade, the vice squad finally lives up to its name!

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Duration: 55:33
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Tori Welles Screws The Stars

Release Year: 2008
Studio: Caballero
Cast: Jamie Gillis, Tori Welles, Scott Irish, Randi West, Randy Spears, Peter North, Joey Silvera, Eric Price
Genres: Compilation Movies, Classic, Star-Power, Shot on Film
Video language: English

Watch how the stars light up with each other! Continuous stellar action! A unique collection never before collected. Every scene is a hit, every scene is a classic!

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Release Year: 1980
Studio: Stu Segall
Cast: Marilyn Chambers, John Holmes, Jesie St. James, Serena, John Leslie, Robert Pennard, David Morris, Richard Pacheco, Mike Ranger, Joan Turner
Genres: Classic, Drama
Video language: English

Marilyn Chambers plays heiress, model and actress Sandra Chase. She feels she is not sexually fulfilled. Her agent played by Jessie St James gets her a role in a new movie. She has encounters with Serena, and Richard Pacheo. She also tells a flashback story of her being devirginized by David Morris. She also has a fantasy encounter with Mike Ranger, Morris, and St James. She also has a fantasy encounter with John Holmes. St James and John Leslie get intimate in the film also.

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Trashy Lady

Release Year: 1985
Studio: Steve Scott
Cast: Ginger Lynn Allen … Kitty (as Ginger Lynn) Harry Reems … Dutch Siegal Cara Lott … Jessie, Dutch’s Girl Amber Lynn … Rita Herschel Savage … Big Louie Steve Drake … Tony Tom Byron … Jimmy the Newsboy Bunny Bleu … Norma Marc Wallice … Rocky
Genres: Sex / Hardcore
Video language: English

Gangster Dutch (Harry Reems) has just been dumped by his foul-mouthed dame, Jessie (Cara Lott). When he meets cigarette girl Katherine (Ginger Lynn), he renames her "Kitty", and makes her his broad, much to her delight. The only problem is that Kitty is a lady and Dutch likes his dames trashy. So, he hires potty-mouthed, trashy broad Rita (Amber Lynn) to teach Kitty the ropes. Rita proceeds to teach Kitty how to be trashy with her first lesson being an educational romp with newspaper boy Jimmy (Tom Byron). Kitty begins to really enjoy being trashy and begins being bitchy and spewing obscenities left and right, that are quite hilarious coming from her, but I believe that’s the point. There is another subplot involving another gangster, but the high points of this film, besides Ginger Lynn’s comedic approach and Amber Lynn’s over-the-top cheese, are some memorable sex scenes: The Ginger/Amber/Tom session is quite steamy, as is the Ginger/Bunny Bleu pairing, which is a lot coming from me since Bunny has never buttered my biscuit; so this was a nice surprise. There’s also a nice DP performed by Cheri Janvier with Marc Wallice and Francois Papillon in a boxing gym. If you like good classic porn, get this rare gem if you can find it.

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Batteries Included

Release Year: 1988
Studio: VCA
Cast: Scene 1. Stephanie Rage, Scott Irish Scene 2. Brandy Wine, Micky Ray Scene 3. Bionca, Stephanie Rage Scene 4. Bionca, Brandy Wine Scene 5. Bionca, Brandy Wine, Scott Irish Scene 6. Lauryl Canyon, Jon Dough Scene 7. Barbie Doll, Dana Lynn, Randy West Scene
Genres: All Sex
Video language: English

Couldn`t find any info on this. Movie description – on the cover

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The Golden Age Of Porn Erica Boyer

Release Year: 1975
Studio: Gentlemen’s Video
Cast: Amateurs
Genres: Classic, Hardcore, Double Penetration, Cumshot, Blowjob, Lesbian, Orgy/Group, Toy, Threesome, Big Tit, Blonde
Video language: English

Erica Boyer – Another Golden Age of Porn superstar! All you have to do is look at these images and you get the idea! She was a nasty, filthy slut who loved to fuck on film, enjoy!

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Duration: 56:22
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Candy Stripers Part II

Release Year: 1985
Studio: Larry Revene
Cast: Bobby Astyr, Aurora, Colleen Brennan, Michael , Guido, Will Jarvis, Ron Jeremy, Ashley Moore, Kathlyn Moore, Johnny Nineteen, Taija Rae, David Scott, Sheri St. Claire, Karen Summer
Genres: Classic, Comedy
Video language: English

Those adorable and ever-horny angels of mercy are back to make your temperature rise in a laugh-and-lust packed sequel to one of the biggest selling classics of all time. Candy Stripers Angie and Sarah are only interested in patients and partying, but they’ll have their hands full (in more ways than one) with the trouble that’s brewing at Northwest General. Dr. Fine’s feel good aphrodisiac gas has gotten loose, causing doctors, patients and nurses to throw their inhibitions to the wind! There’s the newly-wed couple who won’t let a broken arm get in the way of consummating their naughty nuptuals, the hypochondriac patient who requires a candy striper gang-bang to put him on the road to recovery, the horny head nurse who’s out to devour a husband-and-wife team of doctors and even Army intelligence gets into the act, with a top brass major who gets polished off in high and horny style

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Duration: 1:20:51
Video: 512×384, AVC (H.264), 1103kbps
Audio: 128kbps

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The erotic world of Angel Cash

Release Year: 1982
Studio: Evart Enterprises
Cast: Angel Cash, Juliet Anderson, Jim Sims, David Ambrose, Buddy Hatton, Bunny Hatton, Roy Stuart, David Messa, Felix Krull, Miranda Stevens, Lisa Be, Steven Craig, Ashley Moore, Gino Colbert, David Harris
Genres: Adult
Video language: English

Take the graceful, sensual world of classical ballet. Spice it with the outrageous appetites of a sex-crazed ballerina, and what you have is The Erotic World of Angel Cash. Angel relates the juicy details from her past in between her current sexual adventures

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French Kittens

Release Year: 1978
Studio: Monumental Pictures (II), VCA
Cast: Amy Roth, Aphrodite, Babs Bresson, Barbie Patton, Bart Adams, Blair Harris, Lisa Marks, Carla Dawn, Cindi Bates, Crystal Sync, Dave Dekota, Deedee Barr, Denise Watson, Fay Dewitt, Fifi Goddard, Larry Cox, Gloria Leonard, Harry Meers, Herschel Savage, Jami
Genres: Classic
Video language: English

We’re not talking about cats. We’re talking about gorgeous women who live for pleasure, you know French women. Feast your eyes on this conclave of beautiful babes who don’t know the meaning of the word “no”. You don’t have to be a cat lover to appreciate these pussies

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Duration: 1:11:22
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All American Girls Part 1 Oh, Beautiful

Release Year: 1982
Studio: Bill Milling
Cast: Gina Gianetti, Jacqueline Lorians, Jillian Nichols, Brandy O’Shea, Copper Penny, Joanna Storm, K.C. Valentine, Laura Lazare, Lynx Canon, Billy Dee, Steve Douglas, Starr Wood, Ken Starbuck, Jade Leneer, Jeff Conrad
Genres: Classic
Video language: English

Cassie Blake offers a free all expense paid weekend for some of her old girlfriends. In return the ladies must share intimate details of their hottest sexual encounters

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Duration: 1:22:03
Video: 704×480, DivX 5, 1807kbps
Audio: 312kbps

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