Pigtails and Ribbons

Pigtails and Ribbons

Genres: Teens, Anal, Facial, Compilation
Video language: English

Western Visuals is back with another blast from the past! Western Visuals has managed to gather some of their hottest classic content featuring girls with pigtails and ribbons in their hair! It might sound funny, but it’s a true fetish for some people! It’s a great look! And once you see some of these classic names, you’re going to be hooked.
1) Diamond #67 Hot Cookie (Lisa K Loring, uwf, Blair Harris)
2) For Your Thighs Only (1986) scene 7 (Brittany Stryker, Jamie Gillis)
3) Oriental Babysitter (1977) scene 1 (Linda Wong, Peter Johns)
4) Diamond #58 Sailor And Babysitter (uwf, Johnny Hardin)
5) Pink Ladies (1980) scene 9 (Vanessa del Rio, R Bolla)
6) Pink Ladies (1980) scene 10 (Vanessa del Rio, Alan Adrian)
7) Manhattan Mistress (1981) scene 6 (Juliet Anderson, Erica Boyer, Jerome Carter)
8) Diamond #261 Forbidden Fruit (Kathleen Kristel, uwf, Michael Morrison)

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:06:30
Video: 640×480, MP4V, 1000kbps
Audio: 120kbps

File size: 549.3 MB

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