Sassy Sue (Something Weird Video ,Bethel Buckalew )

Sassy Sue (Something Weird Video ,Bethel Buckalew )

Studio: Something Weird Video

The Pigkeeper’s Daughter” (1975, 92 min.) – Since Moonbeam Swiner is The Pigkeeper’s Daughter, it’s no surprise that her best friend in the whole wide world is a little piggy named Lord Hamilton. And that has her Ma worried. After all, Moonbeam … Full Descriptionhas reached the ripe old age of 19 and she still ain’t hitched yet. So when a traveling salesman from the big city arrives on the scene, Ma quickly out-cons the con-artist and Pa arranges a shotgun wedding. “Sassy Sue” (1972, 83 min.) – There’s a similar problem over at the Willard farm. In between making moonshine and custom-made outhouse seats, Pa is worried about his moronic son, Junior, who’s spending too much time with the animals and no
This bizarre double feature of tongue-in-cheek “country bumpkin” films features 1975’s THE PIGKEEPER’S DAUGHTER and 1972’s SASSY SUE. The first is the story of Moonbeam Swiner, a farm girl whose best friend is her faithful pig, Lord Hamilton. Concerned about her mental health, good old ma makes plans to get Moonbeam hitched to a travelling salesman. In SASSY SUE, it is the stupid, animal-loving Junior that has Pa concerned. Fortunately, Junior has already found a love–his cow, Sassy Sue.
This is the only Terry Gibson video. Stars also making their debut in this video: Patty Smith.

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