Teenage bestsellers 257

Teenage bestsellers 257

Release Year: 1975
Video language: German

If you have been loving porn for years, the chances are that your first teenage porn movie was a Color Climax show. If so, you will really appreciate the reappearance of this European cult genre. Digitally re-mastered, but still a little grainy by modern expectations, Teenage Bestsellers 257 is a delight. Five shorts rolled into one unbroken dvd of retro-pleasure. All the shows feature fresh-faced fraulines from Denmark and Sweden with a Nordic cock lust. Girl’s Home Humper – college girls feast on each other before inviting their thick-dicked tutor to help with their pussywork. Their First Orgy – Bennie’s sideburns tickle Saskia’s pendulous boobs as they hang in his face, then Misha and Bjorg join them on the bed for a four-way frolic. Special Seduction proves that product placement was paramount in porn in the 1970’s, when a bubbly blonde gets a bottle of Pepsi up her bottom! A handsome young buck has bribed the girl and her friend with money and intends to get his satisfaction. Salesman’s Lust – a horny lingerie salesman sees two young fillies playing frisbee in the sun. He takes them home for a full fitting. Prick Teaser – a saucy minx distracts the gardeners with her seductive ways. She only meant to tease, but she ends up in all kinds of trouble when her arse and pussy are deflowered and she gets sandwiched.

Format: MPEG
Duration: 56:51
Video: 352×288, MPEG-1, 1123kbps
Audio: 218kbps

File size: 567.5 MB

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