The Innocence of Valerie

The Innocence of Valerie

Release Year: 1975
Cast: Clair James, Cris Cassidy, Katrina Rexford, Mira Vane, Sharon Thorpe, Barry Vane, David Book, Tyler Reynolds
Genres: Classic, All Sex
Video language: English

No it is not porn , but rather a good example of many porn films made in the 70s , exciting spectator young girls with more youthful characters. Ebullient Katrina Rexford starring VALERIE definitely gifted postpodrostka body , and her game continues the desired illusion. Talented film director Summer Brown, returns to Dixie with Abigail Clayton which is still very fondly remembered , but with the help of Katrina Rexford film differs draznschim exciting sex. The plot works very well : Valerie – 15 -year-old girl in need of a foster family . Every time she settles somewhere , its failures and pursue Valerie comes back , looking miserable like a puppy waiting for a new owner. Her first failure – homestay Fettuccini, where his father had sex with her ​​predecessor , a busty 17 year old blonde named Maggie. Maggie is bad for Valerie , showing her how to use a huge phallus and when mom catches Valerie masturbating , it handles the return of the foundling home. The next scene shows her coming to visit and Mrs. Kellan party birthday with other young girls , where all professional clown entertains which deprives Valerie virginity. Mrs. Kellan catches them , and that Valerie is already underway in the house next to the lady to help care for her 76 -year-old husband, bound to a wheelchair. It’s even more tasteless than the clown episode , as the old grandfather , plus 15 -year-old girl – definitely non-stop. The old man finally makes Valerie undress for him and gets predictable heart attack , and Valerie goes on in other places …

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