The Magic Mirror (Antony Weber, Alpha Blue Archives)

The Magic Mirror (Antony Weber, Alpha Blue Archives)

Studio: Alpha Blue Archives

Although not a particularly great film, it does show off Uschi Digard and her great body for a goodly portion. Uschi purchases a haunted mirror that she is told has the effect of making one’s inhibitions disappear and their dreams and fantasies come true whenever they gaze into it. There are four separate episodes in which Uschi (or others) gaze into the mirror and lose their inhibitions – and clothes. The first involves a balding TV repairman, the second some lesbian poll takers, the third some friends of hers and the final episode concerns a burglar and a cop. Low budget and very simple in concept. The best thing – correction – the only thing worthwhile here – is the fabulous Uschi.
Here’s some help with ID’s:
The ballerina is Arlana Blue. She also did a bellydance in “Dark Dreams”, and danced or acted in several other early softcore (& some hard) films. Terri Hall came on the scene a couple years after this film was made.
Some of the other ladies in this, with most in the group scenes:
Sandi Carey, billed as the star, before Digart
Jane Tsentas (a tall blonde)
Barbara Mills (aka Barbara Caron, the pale-skinned brunette regarded by many as prettiest of all regulars in these softies)
Kathy Hilton (exotic, Latina-looking, barely recognizable here)
Terri Johnson (nicely-built blonde, but briefly seen & doesn’t do much)
Males: Beyond Reb Sawitz, a biker & porn talent agent, nothing else turned up in all the while I’ve had the movie.
Going by Rene Bond having had a boob job and when Jane Tsentas quit working, it dates to 1971 or 1972. “Love and the Great Grunt” is on the painting and in graffiti at the intro — so it’s the original title and “Magic Mirror” some alternate. The director and producer was “Antony Weber”, from the graffiti. Another a/k/a, or perhaps a related movie, seems to be “Satisfaction Guaranteed”, looking at some poster art matching that at the start of this film.
It indeed is a strange, offbeat one — my first reaction was that a big dose of those special 70’s psychedelic drugs were probably consumed by many people during its making.

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