The Million Dollar Screw (1987) (Hal Freeman, Video Team)

The Million Dollar Screw (1987) (Hal Freeman, Video Team)

Studio: Video Team

Meet Missy Walkins (Shari Sloan)…young, beautiful, ripe and ready to love…and just widowed. In her bereavement she is consoled first by her sexy best friend, Christy (Laurie Peacock), who spreads a little sunshine, then by her late husband’s hunky brother Casey (Peter North), who buries himself in her sorrow.
“While Missy is being comforted, a slimy insurance agent (Buck Adams) is hatching a nasty plan to swindle the widow Watkins out of 1 million dollars of a 2 million dollar double indemnity insurance policy her hubby was thoughtful enough to leave behind. Agent Ginsberg’s playful playmate (Jeanette Littledove) rewards her scheming boyfriend with a rolicking romp on the breakfast table after which she disappears with a fistful of credit cards to start spending their ill-gotten fortune.
“Though Missy was unaware of her husband’s insurance policy, her one-time lover, Brad (Buddy Love), was left with a copy of the document and leaves the bed of his passionate and demanding wife (Keisha) to rush to the side of the grieving Missy. Will he get there in time to save Missy’s millions?

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